Why Tom Recommends Hillsdale College

Hillsdale, one of the best colleges in the country!

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1. When kids study economics at Hillsdale they get the real skinny. In many schools kids are taught a lot of very liberal and left wing economics. They are taught that liberal economics achieved a lot and will achieve a lot. When in fact, history has discredited these theories.

Hillsdale teaches about economic theories that have worked. From Ludwig Von Mises to Friedman to Hayek to Reaganomics. I believe students leave Hillsdale with a better understanding of what economic theories have most benefited mankind. And which have failed.

2. When kids study history at Hillsdale they learn more about the merits and wonders (and shortcomings) of Western Civilization than kids at a lot of other schools. In so many schools the profs and the textbooks they use are ashamed of the history of the West. At Hillsdale there is pride in the origins of Western Civ., the achievements of it, the fruits of it, the promise of it. Hillsdale students study the roots of this nation’s founding principles. They are not fed politically correct garbage, as is the case at so many schools. They are taught what really happened and why it did.

3. When kids study the fine arts, music, etc they are taught how these arts developed within Western Civilization. How valuable, to see how so many of our artistic traditions derived from the same influences that guided our thinking on laws and morality.

4. Hillsdale kids learn more about their country?s Constitution and Bill of Rights and our founders? thinking than probably any students in any college in America. What better preparation for life. This nation is distinguished by its Constitution and the ever evolving interpretations of it our courts release. Our lives are constantly impacted for good or bad by our Constitution. And yet, millions of liberal arts graduates leave college without having studied it. Not so with Hillsdale grads.

5. Hillsdale students learn how Hillsdale has remained independent of the Federal Government. It takes no money and therefore no dictates from the Government. I like such independence of thought. It is healthy. It invigorates. In itself it is a wondrous lesson for Hillsdale students.

6. I like the appearance and the feel of the Hillsdale campus and its students. Spend a few days at Hillsdale and you have to see and feel the difference from so many campuses. You don’t see tatoos, rings through noses, girls? bare bellies flopping out. You don’t see graffiti. You don?t see rubbish flung onto the floors. You don’t see a lot of student drunks downtown Thursdays through Sundays. You see beautifully designed and maintained buildings. You see students who clearly have respect for their own appearance and for the appearance of their campus. You see fine works of art displayed openly.

7. In four years Hillsdale students get to hear, up close, many of the leaders of this country and of the Western world. This i s an extraordinary experience for students. Ronald Reagan, Ed Meese, Margaret Thatcher, Clarence Thomas, William Buckley – the list is lengthy. Such luminaries and great thinkers have spoken and guest-lectured  at Hillsdale because they respect the college’s traditions and direction. They know quality education when they see it.

8. There are many more reasons why I recommend Hillsdale. I will finish with this: One evening during a function I sat with Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale. He got to talking about teaching methods at Hillsdale. He told me of the thinking that went into the design of the curriculum. He explained how profs collaborated to make sure underlying messages were carried from one course to another. He told me how the college had experimented with different sized classes and seminars until they found what worked best for the students. I interrupted him with this: I have talked to many college presidents over the years and am good friends with a few. This is the first time I ever heard a college president talk about the teaching that goes on at his or her institution.

If you want more information, go to the Hillsdale website. There is a link on this page.

I also suggest you subscribe to Imprimus, the Hillsdale newsletter. It is free. Over a million folks look forward to receiving it because it carries the addresses of many of the thinkers who speak at the college.

I am happy to discuss what I know about the college with you. Please feel free to write to me. There is an email link on this site.

Tom Morgan