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May the tweets be with you

Hurrah for tweets! As you know, this president is the King of Twitterville. That is, he loves to send his thoughts to millions via his smartphone. If his breakfast is late this morning 45 million Americans hear about it over

Armageddon Roasting on an Open Fire

Ahhh, the comforts of life:  President Trump is the worst president we have ever had. I like it, I do.  The tax-reform bill is the worst bill that has ever wormed its way through Congress. Nancy Pelosi calls it Armageddon.

Intersexers of the world unite!

Lord help us if universities like Harvard ever get interested in intersexers and their ilk. It turns out that Harvard has been creating perfect incoming classes. By turning down Asian-American students who apply. “Perfect” to Harvard is a class with

Be Frightened. Be Really Really Frightened.

Be frightened! You probably will be if you read the article I did. It is about global catastrophes that are headed our way.  If we don’t change our ways, that is. This is a serious article in the journal Bioscience.

Let Us Talk About Rape – At Last

Whole lotta rapes been goin’ on. That is a logical thought about the sexual bonfire. The one set alight by Harvey Weinstein’s accusers. More about those rapes later. Meanwhile we are awash in hypocrisy. Good example is how politicians reacted

The GDP. The GDP. Who Cares?

“So what?  Lately our GDP has run at a 3 percent rate. Who cares?” Many people react this way when they see Gross Domestic Product figures.  They scorn the attention people give to them.  “Who cares?  Doesn’t affect me. Two-percent


​Are you enjoying the revolution? We are in the midst of one. It is not a bloody revolt, thankfully. ​That thought struck me when I read of a recent poll. It found the American public’s approval of most senators was

Discrimination is Us!

Hallelujah!  We are all getting screwed. That’s my take from a recent NPR poll. It found that most of us feel we are victims of discrimination. Hurrah!  Equity at last. We are all being treated equally. Treated shabbily perhaps. But

If you want growth, sweeten the environment

​Here is why we should cut our tax rates. ​Imagine an island. It has one source of income. Guests at its big hotel. They bring in all the money that circulates in the island economy. They rent rooms. Eat at

Do you remember hearing this sordid story before?

By now you should have seen it.  The flood of news and comment on Harvey Weinstein.  He is the giant of Hollywood.  He drowned when a dam burst. The dam had held back an ocean of stories of his sordid